Thursday, February 9, 2012

My John and Tom (Part Almost 3)

I was all set to post the third installment of my FoundingFathersPalooza—an exploration into how I conceived, researched, and wrote Those Rebels, John and Tom, my book about Adams and Jefferson. And I’ll post the final installment next month.

But something wonderful happened a few days ago that fits in so nicely, I couldn’t resist talking about it. You see, in a couple of weeks, I get to meet John and Tom.

In person.

I’ll be participating in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum’s “Presidents’ Day Family Festival” at the JFK Library in Boston, on February 21st.

And John and Tom are going to be there!

OK, technically, John Adams will be played by Thomas Macy and Thomas Jefferson will be played by Bill Barker – but take a look at the links. Don’t they look fabulous?! Both men are real history buffs and I know will do Adams and Jefferson proud.

We’ve been doing a bit of emailing, setting things up. Under the signature line for Thomas Macy’s emails are the quotes:

"Querulous, bald, blind, crippled, toothless Adams."
- Benjamin Franklin Bache
"I'm not crippled." - John Adams

And Bill Barker signs his emails:

Yr' hm'bl sr'vt,
Thos. Jefferson

I think this is going to be fun…

I am geeky excited. For someone who spent over a year working on the book, this is the next best thing to a time machine.

If you will be in Boston on Feb 21st, please join us, won’t you?


Deborah Heiligman said...

Wish I could come!

Jim Murphy said...

Sounds like great fun. When my then six grader son (and I)went to Gettysburg on a class trip, their teacher arranged for them to meet an Ab Lincoln look alike who stayed in character the whole time and knew his Civil War history. It was freaky cool. Have a good time with John and Tom (though I suspect Tom might be more of the partier).

Susan Kuklin said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm going to tell my Boston relatives ASAP!

Sandy Brehl said...

If you get a time machine, can I have a place machine? The Star-Trekkie kind that could zap me to the event? let me know if you have one and i'll be there.
I've had locals who are history/character buffs visit my class and they impact is incredible on the kids. Talk about history coming alive.

Barbara Kerley said...

Thanks, all! The whole day sounds very cool -- I'm looking forward to it.

Jim, not sure about your speculation -- I think John was fond of his wine AND had quite a sense of humor. If I had the chance to sit down with either for and evening of talk, he is the one I would choose.

Susan Kuklin said...

I choose Tom. Remember when JFK told Nobel Prize winners at a White House banquet: "At no time in the history of mankind has so much intellect been gathered in this building—save when Thomas Jefferson dined alone?"

Yeah, Tom's the man!

scfinder said...
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