Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Is it an anniversary or a birthday? Who knows. But I.N.K. was founded by Linda Salzman right around four years ago and it’s time to celebrate. So a few of our contributors have chimed in with reasons we think being part of this blog is so special.

Happy Birthday INK! Just seems like yesterday that Linda asked me if I wanted to write about art books on this new cool blog that she was creating. Four years later, I’m still on my soap box for art books... And, well, any other kid nonfiction book that I feel the need to talk about. Thanks to all the other amazing INK members for letting me hang out here for the past four years. Full STEAM ahead, INK! -Anna M. Lewis

The I.N.K. blog has been a great forum for sharing my own adventures as a picture book author-illustrator as well as reading what my fellow authors are up to. I've learned so much in the course of researching my own posts and while reading articles by my colleagues. New resources for creating, finding, and marketing books are popping up every day and since I'm checking them out anyway, it's great to have a place to trade information with interested readers. -Loreen Leedy

I like being part of this blog because it is a gathering of writers curious about the world and committed to their craft -- doing the best writing they possibly can to bring the world to kids. -Barbara Kerley

I wanted to be Erma Bombeck when I was growing up. I thought it would be the greatest job in the world to tell people what you think and be funny at the same time. Instead, I write books for children and teens, and I believe that is the greatest job in the world. With I.N.K., I get a little bit of that Erma dream, too--I get to tell people what I think about writing, about nonfiction, and sometimes even about life. Thank you, Linda and I.N.K.! -Deborah Heiligman

The blog has given me a real sense of community and shared purpose through the dedication, commitment and integrity of all the contributors. I LOVE reading the blog every day and I continually marvel at the intelligence and writing skills of each and every member. Thank you, Linda, for creating something that is larger than we are. -Vicki Cobb

As a part-time blogger and full-time reader, I'm grateful to Linda for bringing I.N.K. into the cyber world. Writing is often a solitary profession, one where "process" is a sport played out in an empty field. Before I.N.K. I didn't spend very much time thinking about my own process, I just did it. Then my wonderful nonfiction colleagues came into my life. You help me think through what I do. Writing the blog forces me to articulate how to do it. Then, by reading the way you all approach a subject, I am able to refine and reinforce my own technique. You make me a better writer! Thank you dear colleagues. It's wonderful to have the backs of so talented a group. But I'm not there yet, so please don't quit. Imagine how much there is to learn the next four years. Happy Fourth Birthday I.N.K.ers! -Susan Kuklin

Happy fourth anniversary, INK! Reading the posts at INK has given me a peek into other nonfiction writers' passion and process. I'm continually drawn in by the kindness, humility, and humor my fellow bloggers exhibit. It's reassuring to hear about others' struggles and victories. INK's nonfiction discussion has expanded my knowledge of the nonfiction field and helped me teach educators and kids tackling nonfiction areas (such as history) that I don't cover in my own work. -April Pulley Sayre

Shortly after Linda invited me to join the I.N.K. blog (was it only four years ago?), a rash of memoirs for adults were "outed" as fiction, the most notorious being James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces." This discovery only boosted his sales figures. For many reasons, I was deeply offended by these fictional memoirs. I would bring the subject up with friends, most of whom would stare at me blankly. But then with our new nonfiction blog, I had a forum to voice my literary concerns and to get feedback from other writers who shared my passion for research, careful attribution, and chapter notes. My first blog was a rumination on the definition of nonfiction. Over the years, I've written blogs on a variety of subjects: editing, research, teachers guides, new book announcements, school visits, the creative process and many other topics about our genre for young readers. The open-ended range of subject matter inspires me. In addition I've enjoyed the dialogue with other I.N.K. bloggers, both in posts, in person, and in personal e mails. Thank you, Linda, for your commitment to nonfiction for children, for your vision and perseverance. This is my Valentine to You. -Jan Greenberg

I’ve learned so much from my I.N.K. colleagues. I’m continually reminded of the process we each go through as we try to pursue our ideas and write and draw and make books. I would love to hear that reading about our challenges has helped some young person decide to go into science writing or another nonfiction writing area -- and I know it’s going to happen. I’m grateful to be part of this group and to have a place to write about what I do. -Karen Romano Young

What else is there to say, but "ditto." Thanks, Linda, for creating the blog, and to all the writers who make it so interesting, and to our readers who inspire us to keep going. This is Susan Goodman, ready for another great year.


Linda Salzman said...

Thanks to Susan for organizing the celebration and the awesome cyber cake *passes a slice to my right*!

I hope everyone continues to enjoy the intelligent, knowledgeable, and funny thoughts from our bloggers as much as I do. Thanks for all of your well written words, in your books and on this page.

I don't know if non fiction is any closer to having the voice it deserves, but it's certainly nice to be in a community of those who continue to push the bar even higher.

Keep writing(nudges self and admires others). I look forward to another year of reading.

Sue Macy said...

I wanted to be Erma Bombeck, too! And the newspaper columnist dad on "Eight Is Enough." Is is great to be part of something that's larger than any one of us, and it's to Linda's credit that we've stayed on course and expanded over these four years. I look forward to the future.

Gretchen Woelfle said...

Whoops - I wrote this last week and forgot to forward it to Susan -

• First of all, I’m thrilled with the company I keep here on INK.
• Second of all, I love writing about anything that strikes my literary fancy.
• Third of all, I like seeing it in print right away.
Authorship is not for those who need immediate gratification. I don’t need it all the time, but it’s nice to get it once in a while.
Long live INK!

Dorothy Patent said...

I'm grateful to be part of this amazing bunch of writers who inspire and humble me with their books and their ideas. Thank you, Linda, for including me, and thank you all, for your wonderful posts. May I.N.K. continue to thrive in this Brave New World and beyond!

Dorothy Patent said...

I'm grateful to be part of this amazing bunch of writers who inspire and humble me with their books and their ideas. Thank you, Linda, for including me, and thank you all, for your wonderful posts. May I.N.K. continue to thrive in this Brave New World and beyond!

Steve Sheinkin said...

Yes, thanks from me too. I'm a fairly new contributor, but I've really enjoyed being a part of this amazing community.

Sandy Brehl said...

As a reader, teacher, writer, general non-fiction fan, thanks to all of you for the excellence of this site. I recommend it to teachers (and kids) often as the best/easiest way to find links to the websites/blogs/books of quality non-fiction writers and titles. Keep up the good work!

Rosalyn Schanzer said...

Finally! I'm almost out from under water and can cheer our anniversary the way I wanted to cheer two days ago.

For me, the beauty of I.N.K. is its depth and diversity. Check it out...a bunch of savvy, entertaining, uncensored nonfiction writers at the top of their game are talking about, well, just about everything.

Wanna know how to do obscure research or paint a picture that tells a story or explore a topic that gets kids excited or put nonfiction literature into the classroom? This is the place to go. You want to talk shop with other authors or hear about someone's latest book or find out what's possible tech-wise these days? We're on it. Who knew there was so much to be said by people who know how to say it well.

So thanks, Linda, for dreaming up this whole shebang, and three cheers to you and to all the great writers you've somehow managed to corral. I love reading this blog and am honored to be a part of it.

Quilted Librarian said...

This is one of my very favorite blogs. As a lover of non-fiction and elementary librarian, I have the pleasure of introducing children to all of your books each day. Our PTA graciously pays for an author visit to our school each year. Next year, I would love to invite one of you to visit us. Could you please do a post with links to everyone's contact and visit information?
Many thanks,
Dana Fisher
High Point NC