Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Children's Nonfiction Book Lists

The last day of the year seems like a good time for lists. So I hope you will join me by posting lists of recommended nonfiction books.

Great nonfiction lists also make me think of the wonderful Coleen Salley, who passed away this year. She and Terry Young were among the first and most dedicated advocates of read aloud nonfiction. Coleen Salley was a great light in children's literature. Her joy was infectious and she had a gusto for life and literature that connected people in many parts of the children's book community. We just loved her in all her glory. Look up her name and "blog posts" and you will find a slew of great memories of her. Here's one that expresses her spirit, on Planet Esme.

Below is a link to some of those read aloud nonfiction lists Coleen and Terry compiled. I hope Terry will keep doing that work. He knows the field of science literature like no one else. He and Coleen put on some terrific "introducing science through literature" workshops at state and national conferences. Be sure to click the links on Coleen's site to find out more about her life and her books.

Below are some nonfiction-specific awards. Lists of their current and past winners can give anyone a great start on reading.

Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal
(Also check ALA's other awards for nonfiction as nonfiction is doing well in many categories these days!)

John Burroughs Award List of Nature Books for Young Readers

AAAS/Subaru/Science Books & Films Prizes for Best Science Books

Horn Book List of Recommended Books
This divides nonfiction in the to following topics:
• American History and Biography
 • Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics 
 • Human Body 
 • International History (includes some fiction)
 • Plants, Animals, and the Natural World
 • Prehistoric Life

I am sure there are many more lists that I have forgotten this morning. So feel free to speak up and add them.

Happy New Year to all!
April Pulley Sayre

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The Cybils Award is a great place to look for excellent nonfiction titles: