Friday, January 31, 2014

BOOK BAIT: 10 Ways to Hook Kids On Nonfiction!

Authors, illustrators, and publishers put a great deal of effort into the quest to interest readers in their books. Ideally, every nonfiction book should have a terrific title, intriguing information, sensational sentences, and interesting images (and by all means alliteration...only kidding about that last one!?) 

Because of the great response to my last post about nonfiction activities, I was inspired to focus this time on how to entice students to read a variety of informational texts. Recommendations from their peers is one of the primary ways that kids decide to read a book, so with that in mind, ask students to:

1. Choose a nonfiction book to recommend, place it on your desk, then tour the room for new reading options.

2. Share one sentence that gives an idea of what the book is about.

3. Compile a class book of reviews then explore classmates’ suggestions.

4. Prepare and present book talks to the class in the form of posters, presentations, or videos.

5. After discovering a good book, create a display of more works by the same author.

6. Choose one page in a book and list the facts the words tell, then the information shown by the pictures.

7. Redraw an illustration or other image and add labels and other info.

8. Find a favorite cover and explain how it summarizes the book.

9. Design a new cover for a book to persuade more kids to read it.

10. Compare two or more books on a topic using a Venn diagram.

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Your ideas could be modified for use with fiction as well. Love the idea of book bait.