Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Few Treats From Me To You

I can't imagine anyone has any time right now to read a long blog post. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you some wonderful pieces I've read lately. Most of them are on a theme--nonfiction storytelling. I hope you take a minute or two between shopping, cooking, last-minute writing deadlines, last-minute paper-grading, etc., to sit down and treat yourself.

First, here is a lovely piece by Henning Mankell, whose books about the Swedish detective Kurt Wallander I love. It's called THE ART OF LISTENING. I adored this piece and if I could wrap it up and put it in a box and deliver it to each and every one of you I would. Well, maybe I just did.

Next is a piece that was in Friday's New York Times that might not have made it to other parts of the country. It's about a theater group that pairs teenagers with people over 60. It's inspiring for nonfiction writers and lovers, and a great idea for other communities. Sort of a twist on StoryCorps (always a good place to visit!). This one is called TRUSTING SOMEONE OVER 60. (Don't let the headline deter you.)

Another piece that walloped me from the Times was this one, WHAT WASN'T PASSED ON.  I won't say anything more about it so you can experience it for yourself.

Last week Jim Murphy wrote a great post about Recharging Batteries, and I referred in the comments to an article about the novelist Richard Ford that I loved. Read both when you can!

And because I can't help myself, I'm leaving you with my potato latke recipe. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and here's to a wonderful New Year -- 2012. That number seems like science fiction.


Unknown said...

Thank you Deb, for this wonderful gift! I instantly clicked on the links and read the stories.

Lately, I've been reading the NY Times in a rather desultory way on my iPad. You've just shown me how much I've missed since I stopped reading the broadsheet.

I'm even going to peruse your latke recipe although I have some in the freezer that are a LOT less work. Happy Hannukah!

Unknown said...

Your post is a great holiday gift, Deb. And I agree with Ford about taking a break from writing, which is why I try to never write on weekends. Getting away provides perspective on past work.

Sue Macy said...

I can't think of Hanukkah without thinking of you. Thanks for the links--I do have a deadline, so will check them out after I'm done. But Happy Hanukkah!

Susan Kuklin said...

These links can be dangerous! After reading them, I stopped writing and went to the movies. My husband read them, stopped writing, and joined me.

It was especially good to reread our own Jim Murphy's inspiring post.

Gotta go! Your latke recipe calls out to empty stomachs. Thanks, Deb, this is indeed a gift!

Happy Holidays to all! :)

Rosalyn Schanzer said...

Just so's you know, I hand-shredded the latkes, I cried over the onions, and we ate and ate and ate. My house still smells good to this day.