Friday, January 15, 2010

A Good Visit

On January 12th, Susan Kuklin wrote a great blog about the author visit she did with three fellow writers in New Orleans. I recently did a much more local school visit with just one other author, my Lesley University colleague David Elliott. Afterward we received a wonderful note from Mayre Plunkett, the PTO parent who shepherded us through. It was a great reminder that there are many reasons authors should be visiting schools besides the ones that obviously come to mind. Just take a look:

Dear Susan & David,
Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for coming to the Ohrenberger last Friday; students & teachers alike are still all abuzz.
A bit of feedback to share:
The music teacher came up to me yesterday and told me he was so inspired that he is going back to work on his book.
A kindergartner leaped at the chance to go to a Fancy Nancy event so she could meet another 'live author.'
A fifth grader went home and started talking about character development with his parents.
All of the first & second graders illustrated their group poem.
I could go on and on. Please know that you both deeply impacted the school and we will always be grateful.
ps. One more to add, Nick (SG: Mayre’s son) was putting On This Spot (SG: my book that I read to the kindergarteners) to music Saturday night—at the top of his lungs!

These are all great reasons, aren't there? And hard to have predicted beforehand.

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