Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I.N.K. Links

We are about to begin the process of overhauling our links and recommendations. We hope to expand them to make a greater, more user friendly resource for information on children's nonfiction.

We need to expand our database a bit. If you write or have an interest in nonfiction for kids, please introduce yourself and let us know if you have a site on the world wide web.

We'd be happy to link to anyone connected to and supportive of writing interesting nonfiction for kids including other writers, teachers, publishers,schools, booksellers, and libraries. If you'd like to be included on our I.N.K. links, please leave your information in a comment or send it by email to the contact address listed on the sidebar.

If you have a blog or website of your own, please mention I.N.K. and set up a link. If you need any more information from us, feel free to ask.

More interesting posts coming soon.


Jeannine Atkins said...

Linda, I would love it if you'd link to my website at www.Jeannineatkins.com Unfortunately I lost my password to get in and the site badly needs updating, etc. As soon as I can get to fix that, I'd be more than happy to link to I.N.K. (not to mention my own blog etc!) Good luck with this wonderful blog! Jeannine Atkins

Linda Zajac said...

I write science/nonfiction for kids and would be interested. My website/blog is www.lindarosezajac.com
Thanks for taking the time to write these helpful posts. They are leading the way like a lighthouse in the fog.
It's no problem to add a link to I.N.K.

Wendie O said...

I'm a nonfiction writer, too. (with a few picture books thrown in.) Plus I review young nonfiction books on my Blog every Monday for Nonfiction Monday. In fact, one Monday my nonfiction note for the day was a link to your blog - I.N.K.

It would be lovely if you would link to my blog. (Just a click away if you click on my name above this message.)

Waving to Jennifer and April. I know the rest of you through your books.

-wendieO, librarian, writer, mom

Terry Doherty said...

We review all kinds of children's literature in the Reading Tub, and would love to link to I.N.K. All our reviews offer suggestions on ways to explore a book or bring it to life, we have discovered some wonderful sites that help bring "real life" to fiction stories.

Mandy said...

Each year, the Allen County Public Library hosts a Mock Sibert Election, and this year we're discussing titles on the ACPL Mock Sibert blog at http://acplmocksibert.blogspot.com/.

We'd love to invite others to join our discussion through a link on the I.N.K. blog.